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What is Dating and Relationship Coaching?

Posted on: June 19, 2011

Coaching is a partnership in which the coach helps the client achieve the things they want and get results more quickly than they would on their own.  Why Have a Dating or Relationship Coach? People have been accessing sport, business or career coaches for years, to enhance their performance, help them reach their potential and achieve goals. These tools and techniques have now been adapted to help you in one of the most important areas of your life – dating and relationships. This is an area that most people tend to leave to fate, It is time to be proactive rather than wait if you want something go out and get it these articles and are the provide tips and advise to help you make the first step’s to achieving that.

At Glow Coaching I have coached many women in or looking for relationships. Areas I work on are overcoming breakups, letting go of negative relationship experiences, building confidence, understanding what you are looking for in a relationship and how to find it. Here are some success stories, one client through coming to terms with a short and unhappy marriage ending, how to learn form this and understand she decisions she made that caused her to end up in this situation. With 2 years she now is now very happily married  to the man of her dreams. I coached another client on overcoming jealousy and building her confidence as she was certain her boyfriend would leave her should she not change her behaviours, they are now engaged. I worked with another client on overcoming a difficult and destructive relationship where her fiancé was lying and cheating on her and was making her feel like she was going mad. Through coaching she came to terms with this, enjoyed a period of being single and dating lots of guys and has now had a lovely boyfriend for nearly a year. So far every client I have coached has gone on to improve there dating and find long-term happy relationships.

I have combined my coaching skills, work with clients and personal experience and created  a unique way of working with clients; the methods, tools and techniques I use with clients  have been adapted cutting edge psychotherapy, behavioral change methods, body language and coaching tools from different fields of psychology. All I can say is that the method of coaching I use works and it can be used for either improving the relationship you have, understanding if you have found the right relationship or going out there enjoying feeling confident and enjoying the experience of dating. For more information about me and about Dating and Relationship Coaching please go to my website


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