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Coaching is a partnership in which the coach helps the client achieve the things they want and get results more quickly than they would on their own.  Why Have a Dating or Relationship Coach? People have been accessing sport, business or career coaches for years, to enhance their performance, help them reach their potential and achieve goals. These tools and techniques have now been adapted to help you in one of the most important areas of your life – dating and relationships. This is an area that most people tend to leave to fate, It is time to be proactive rather than wait if you want something go out and get it these articles and are the provide tips and advise to help you make the first step’s to achieving that.

At Glow Coaching I have coached many women in or looking for relationships. Areas I work on are overcoming breakups, letting go of negative relationship experiences, building confidence, understanding what you are looking for in a relationship and how to find it. Here are some success stories, one client through coming to terms with a short and unhappy marriage ending, how to learn form this and understand she decisions she made that caused her to end up in this situation. With 2 years she now is now very happily married  to the man of her dreams. I coached another client on overcoming jealousy and building her confidence as she was certain her boyfriend would leave her should she not change her behaviours, they are now engaged. I worked with another client on overcoming a difficult and destructive relationship where her fiancé was lying and cheating on her and was making her feel like she was going mad. Through coaching she came to terms with this, enjoyed a period of being single and dating lots of guys and has now had a lovely boyfriend for nearly a year. So far every client I have coached has gone on to improve there dating and find long-term happy relationships.

I have combined my coaching skills, work with clients and personal experience and created  a unique way of working with clients; the methods, tools and techniques I use with clients  have been adapted cutting edge psychotherapy, behavioral change methods, body language and coaching tools from different fields of psychology. All I can say is that the method of coaching I use works and it can be used for either improving the relationship you have, understanding if you have found the right relationship or going out there enjoying feeling confident and enjoying the experience of dating. For more information about me and about Dating and Relationship Coaching please go to my website


I have been having a feeling about glow coaching that something didn’t feel quite right! I took some advise from a wise friend and fellow coach and she said listen to your body! So i did, and it made me realise that perhaps i was on a bit of the wrong track with Glow coaching  specialising in dating coaching and the most important thing I like to work on is CONFIDENCE coaching so I have decided to concentrate on confidence coaching obviously  many women need confidence for dating and relationships. But confidence coaching in general can help so many people. I had been already coaching people on confidence buisling for over 2 years, why is it we can often miss the blindingly obvious thing right in front of us!

Also I am working on building links with community groups on confidence coaching workshops and classes so I can deliver confidence building to many more people !

Now i have  listened to the voice/ feeling I feel much happier and less stressed. In coaching we call it congruence, it is important to remember to coach yourself as well as everyone else!!

Dear All

Glow Coaching has been launched and I am now looking forward running fun, positive, confidence coaching parties for you and a group of friends in your own home. Glow aims to build confidence in a straight talking, honest and positive way that will help you Glow with confidence inside and out. I would be love it if you could pass this email onto any women you would think would benefit from confidence coaching. Glow Coaching is ideal for people who answer yes to some or all of these questions:

  • Want to feel happier?
  • Want to feel confident?
  • Want to have great self-esteem?
  • Want to see yourself in a more positive light?


Here is some feed back from Glow’s confidence coaching parties.

“Very positive experience, enabled me to empower myself and be true to myself”

“The party helped me see myself in a more positive way, to be more positive and accept compliments”

“Liz is a bubble of energy and positivity; she helped me transform ideas and dreams into reality. Working with her is inspiring, fun and leaves you feeling full of life”


“After the party I noticed more men were paying attention to me and I got chatted up more- it worked!”

I have already successfully coached several clients who are now significantly happier and more confident than they were prior to coaching, one past is now engaged and has asked me to be bridesmaid!  If you or anyone you know is interested in one to one coaching or organising a coaching party please email me on

Glow is currently running introductory offer for coaching parties. Please email me for  more information on this introductory offer and for further info go to . Or call me on 07801367300 to find out more. Please forward this email onto your friends who might be interested in this offer !


Looking forward to hearing back from you or your friends soon…….

Best Wishes


Liz X X

Personal Coach

Glow Coaching


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Once there was a little girl she was about 5 or 6, and something happened to upset her very much she can’t remember really what it was or when it happened  but what she felt a great deal of PAIN, this PAIN was so PAINFULL she berried it deep down insider her in a place she rarely went to.

As she grew up she was so frightened of feeling this PAIN she developed lots of actions and thoughts to prevent her from feeling the PAIN. She covered it up with years and years of stuff , she forgot what caused it but she did know what ever it was it was terrible and was so frightened to think about it she left it in that place deep inside. This was the way she lived her life it was ok most of the time but every now and then she could feel the cause of the PAIN trying to get out. Sometimes things would happen or she would do something that reminded her of the thing that caused the PAIN and she got freighted of feeling the PAIN so she stopped her self doing that thing. She didn’t really know what she was so scared of but she knew it was bloody scary.

One day the girl decided she wanted to help people learn about themselves, she had been trying to learn about herself for years and work herself out. She thought she had done a pretty good job with self help books and taking to friends etc. But sometimes she thought perhaps the thing that caused the PAIN was still there. Then she stopped thinking about and carried on going about her business.

When she was on her training course she met an excellent coach called Jo, they decided to do an exercise on FEAR, the girl had a good, long, hard think about her biggest FEAR.  She remembered that place she rarely went to and took a look. My biggest FEAR “is that I am not worthy” she said admitting this made her very upset, she had a good cry,  like she used to as a child, this was the PAIN that was trapped in side, finally it was out. She decided when she was 5 or 6 she was not worthy and lived her life according to this belief about herself.  She tried to remember why she thought this, she could remember things that happened when she was little and perhaps how she could have made this belief this about herself.

Now she is grown up 32 in fact, and getting the PAIN was not at all as bad as she was thought it might be. She could deal with it now. She had thought it would feel just as bad as it did when she was little so never dared visit that place when the PAIN lurked. She said, hang on a minute; I know I am worthy, I don’t have to live my life by these beliefs I decided when I was little. Things became clear and she felt relived, really, really relived. Jo helped her come up with lots of new thoughts and behaviours to replace the ones caused by the thing causing the PAIN, now the lurking, scary PAIN was gone she was FREE! She felt much better about herself, felt happier and saw things in a new light.

The girl trained to be a coach, she set up Glow Coaching so she can help other people find the cause of the thing that causes them, PAIN or FEAR or HURT or DISSATISFACTION so they too can be free and happier.  And it works

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